The List

Oh my what a year it'll be!
There are so many different avenues I want to try and things I want to do that just organizing them takes willpower. Here are my current goals:


The ability to create spatial data has gone from time-tested manpowered methods to autonomous, all-encompassing systems. I have no doubt that the way to go is mining datasets produced by remote sensing rather than creating discreet points. My first steps are going to be getting 3D photogrammetry down to create my first models through Photosynth and Autodesk's suite of programs then learning to separate out all the features. All the current data-mining tools are expensive and complicated but I'm sure enough searching will produce a usable demo or open-scourced program that works enough as a proof of concept.


Automous feature recognition is a tough thing to do, but once I can do it the above production methods become so much more feasible. Also, Learning to apply GIS solutions seems to be a great entry point into the business aspect of being a Geomatition. My impressions are that GIS techs act like a visual statistical analyst for businesses.

The combination of feature extraction in a GIS environment should let me build datasets at will and let clients shop my databases like a supermarket. Making information buyable in convenient pieces seems to be the most valuable bit of advice I can find.

As a  side-note, I hate physical anything when it comes to pure information. flagging, paint, markers and corners all seems too messy and troublesome. My next step after mastering the above ideas is to implement an augmented reality application to let anyone see the information overlaid on the actual environment without physical markers. This plays into the other ideas that satellites make better references than benchmarks.


I need a firm that is already working on these things. I've found a few in Virginia around the coal mines and Colorado around the high-income residences and military bases but none around me. I would think that the perfect company would be able to use me remotely, as most of the actual work is done in the office. A cloud solution to spatial applications is what I really need.

So there, that’s my plan. I'm very excited to see how things work out!
Posted by Andrew Gaiennie on Jan 14, 2012 6:20 PM EST