A Widow's Request

A Widow's Request

Posted by Perry Trunick on Feb 6, 2017 11:46 am

This is an unusual request we'd like to help out with.  I'm hoping someone in the POB/RPLS audience can put us on the right track.  POB received the following query, and we tried to locate the image and/or a t-shirt she refers to.  The closest we could get was a reference to an effort to decide on a national symbol for land surveying POB conducted in 1999-2000.  So far, we have not located a copy of that image either.

Here's the query we received:
"My late husband was killed in 92 working on the Mississippi River. One Christmas I got him POB magazine and a tee shirt with a transit symbol on the pocket. I would love to have another shirt like that.  is there an ad in the magazine still where I could order again?  it was blue and the symbol was yellow/gold. he was a eye man all his life."

There a no such shirts advertised in POB at present.  The article POB published about a national symbol came long after her husband passed away:


Re: A Widow's Request

Posted by Rex Heiden_5 on Mar 14, 2017 10:15 am

Before 1992, in 1985 (Vol 10 No. 3) a polo shirt was offered that had a transit on the pocket. The first T-shirt I seen was in Vol 6 No 5 (June - July 1981) with the wording "Surveyors measure Up", there was no pocket.
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