R.I.P. Everett D. Rowland

R.I.P. Everett D. Rowland

Posted by MShackelford on Jul 12, 2018 4:33 pm

Everett Rowland, past president and life member of the Arkansas Society of Professional Surveyors (ASPS) and past NSPS Governor as well as past ACSM Director passed away on July 10, 2018 at the age of 78.  His wife Lisa passed away in February at the way too young age of 48 just before her 49th birthday. Everett served as the Arkansas State Surveyor for many years and his wife worked as secretary to the Arkansas Secretary of State. 

David Knowles, Phd, LS, PE said the following about him after learning of his passing:

"What a loss. No one has done more for advancing the surveying profession in Arkansas than Everett Rowland. When ASPS needed help (legislation or regulations) Everett got it done. This was in addition to all his accomplishments as State Surveyor. The book "The U.S. Public Land Survey System for Arkansas" would not have been written without his help. In addition he was a very good friend. I will miss him.
David Knowles, PhD, LS, PE"

Read the full Obituary for Everett Rowland here:  http://www.littlerockfuneralhome.com/obituaries/Everett-Rowland/#!/Obituary