R8 Radio Issues?

R8 Radio Issues?

Posted by MountainHermit on May 4, 2011 5:46 pm

  I've got Leica blood flowing in my veins, but have been using a set of Trimble R8's recently with internal radios for RTK surveying.  Lately, the base has started doing strange stuff, leaving me scratching head rather than surveying.

I set the units up, get into my job, set the TSC2 to talk to the base, select my survey style and get everything going at the base.  All three lights flashing merrily away.  Then I go to start the survey and the radio light on the base goes out.  It's done it a few times, but I was always able to get it up and running eventually.  Now, it's as if I am telling it to turn off the radio when I tell it to start a survey.  I do get a message about building a base file for-er-ever.

What am I doing wrong?

Re: R8 Radio Issues?

Posted by Tommy Young on May 5, 2011 8:30 am

Not sure.  I do know that on out 5700, if you hook the external radio up before you start the unit, it's liable to draw power from the radio battery.  Since it can't pull the radio signal and the power down the same cable at the same time, either the radio or the base will not be working at any given moment.

Re: R8 Radio Issues?

Posted by Glenn Borkenhagen on May 5, 2011 10:40 am

Are you positutely sure your data collector is talking to the rover receiver when you tap "Start survey"?

You did not say if you are using Bluetooth to talk to the base receiver, but you likely are. 

Make sure the data collector is Bluetoothing with the rover receiver before you tap "Start survey".

If you still have a Bluetooth connection with the base receiver when you tap "Start survey" the base receiver will figure you changed your mind and now want it to be a rover instead of the base and will do just what you tell it to do.  That would make the transmit LED to stop flashing.

The brute force method of making certain which receiver is on the other end of the Bluetooth connection is to move the data collector and rover a couple hundred feet away from the base before you try to start the rover.  That way the rover will be the only receiver within Bluetooth range and therefore the only one the data collector could be talking to.


Re: R8 Radio Issues?

Posted by MountainHermit on May 5, 2011 3:23 pm

Thank you, Gentlemen.

I am using bluetooth and it is an internal radio.  Batteries are charged, and it's worked before.

But, it might just be what you are suggesting, Glenn.  I really never know with this system who I'm talking to--I do prefer the systems that have all sorts of indicators rather than three blinking idiot lights--oops, was that my "outside" voice?

I'll go back and try again--moving very far away from the base this time :-)