We need English and Russian speaking surveyor

We need English and Russian speaking surveyor

Posted by Dmitry Konnov on Oct 1, 2018 3:04 pm

Me and my colleagues engineers developed GeoPrime application which is a special mobile application for civil construction surveyors that can replace many of expensive field controllers. Its three main functions are automatic rotation and scaling of the drawing on the smartphone screen, as well as automatic element search. To feel the difference between ‘before’ and ‘after' using it it is just enough to download the application to you smartphone.

You can put the beam of the total station on any object, press the "Measure" button in the total station menu, GeoPrime application will measure and find out what this element is. Both the point and the line which are usually found in different menu of the total station or in different representations will be immediately shown on the drawing. The setting out on the terrain becomes much faster and easier with GeoPrime.

At present designers are working on the interface of the application to meet the demands of its users. GeoPrime Demo version will be available already soon. But I need an assistance of an English and Russian speaking professional surveyor who could help me with translation of all the info about it and its interface.

I am open to discuss the conditions of the cooperation.