Leica Robotic and Smartstations

Leica Robotic and Smartstations

Posted by Branch Echols on Nov 9, 2018 10:31 am

I've only always used Topcon GPS and Total stations running Carlson SurvCE and am interested in a used, older but still reliable robotic total station.  In particular, the models that can also be set up as a Smartstation.  I'm not really sure which ones are capable, but I'm looking at TCRP 1203/1205, 1203+/1205+ models.  What is the difference between the plus and non-plus models?  Also, can the older 1103/1105 models be set up as a Smartstation.  And what are the differences between say R100, R400, and R1000's? Please forgive my ignorance, as Leica is completely foreign to me.

Please weigh in with anything and everything.  

Re: Leica Robotic and Smartstations

Posted by Kevin Gregory on Nov 15, 2018 12:27 pm

   I'm not sure the older ones can be set up as a SmartStation. We have had some TCA1100 models (1105, 1103 and an 1102). As far as I know, the plus models have laser distance measurement capabilities (reflectorless). The "R" numbers are reflectorless distance categories (R100 should be able to measure 100meters without a prism, the R400 should go 400 meters, etc).
   We have phased out most of our 1100 series models with the newer TS06 models. The 1100 series were solid instruments, but ours are 15 to 20 years old and parts are no longer available to fix them when they have a problem.
   That's about all I know from using Leicas over the past 20 years.