Tuesday's Webinar on Laser Scanning

Tuesday's Webinar on Laser Scanning

Posted by Kristi Grahl on Mar 18, 2011 2:48 pm

I'll be moderating Tuesday's webinar, "Basics in Large-Scale 3D Laser Scanning." Does anyone have questions about lasers scanning or FARO's new Focus3D that you'd like me to ask the presenter, Ken Lyons, during the Q&A? You'll be able to post them in the webinar if you're attending. But if you can't attend the live session, feel free to post your questions in this thread and I'll add them to the queue.

Here's a link to the Focus3D product review by Allen Nobles, PLS, that ran in POB's March issue.

Hope to see some of you on Tuesday - if not at the webinar, then maybe at SPAR!

Kristi Grahl
POB Editor/RPLS.com Community Manager