Sokkia Locus Static Error Message - Need Help!

Sokkia Locus Static Error Message - Need Help!

Posted by david co on Dec 29, 2017 8:11 am

Good morning all. We use sokkia locus static gps units that used to work great until recently.

I can run the unit fine but when I go to upload the information I get the following message with the locus project manager. . .


It is not a memory issue that I'm aware of because there is plenty of memory on the computer where we are trying to upload to and we have hard reset the unit itself to clear out any old data. Additional information - we have 3 different units and we get the same error message from all three.

Things tried to date...
  Hard clear units
  Uninstall and then reinstall software
  Run gps units for new data

Any help or suggestions with this would be GREATLY appreciated !