MAGNET Field staking rim and IE cut/fill.

MAGNET Field staking rim and IE cut/fill.

Posted by Job Somody on Mar 12, 2018 12:06 pm

I am trying to find a way to provide MAGNET Field with points that have elevation (rim) but also IE elevations so that it can hopefully calculate cut to invert elevation of pipes within the catch basin.

Currently, we stake the rim elevation and MF provides the cut/fill to rim after shooting the hub, but I then have to whip out my calculator or risk mental math to calc the cut to pipe elevation and reference printed plans. I would like to have IE cut/fill appear on that same screen based on additional point properties I provide. It is possible to add additional point properties within civil 3d, so I could provide MF with a point file something like this:


If this isn't a feature, does MF provide any customization/scripting options that I could exploit to program it in myself?