Traversing the Paradigm

Traversing the Paradigm

Posted by Paul Montero on Apr 4, 2014 1:01 pm

Jeff Lucas has probably written his most bizarre article in the POB magazine; “Traversing the Law” March 2014. He has fallen under the poisonous spell of business jargon. Lucas is shifting his paradigms, changing the sea and perhaps even boiling the ocean. This is the stuff of motivational speakers for whom I have a great distaste.
Lucas’ reference material for this article includes the work of fiction “Who Moved My Cheese” in which it is demonstrated that the average mouse is smarter than people in business. The business people need allegory written at the level of a children's story and some animated buzzwords to make them think they understand anything.
My feeling is either you’ve got it or you don’t. If you are not motivated by the time you graduate from elementary school then go to a trade school and get a job that will make you worthwhile to society. If you are seeking motivational help at least you realize that you have a serious problem. Too bad motivational cheerleading and inspirational self-help stories are not the answer.

Re: Traversing the Paradigm

Posted by MLB on Apr 5, 2014 12:21 am

FYI "Who Moved My Cheese" is actually required reading for some management courses. In my case it actually had a discussion session after the required reading. My contribution was  "It ain't the cheese you have to worry about if you're a mouse. It's the damned cat!"