Wooden Stake Production Equipment Available For Sale

Wooden Stake Production Equipment Available For Sale

Posted by Wood Saws on Jan 19, 2017 7:21 pm

I represent and investment company that has acquired a full production line of saws to make wooden survey stakes and is offering them for sale for less than what a fancy pick up truck costs.  There are two lines, each line has a machine that puts a point on the wood and each line has a gang saw that is adjusted to make surveyors lath, 1x2 or 2x2 stakes.

There is everything needed to collect saw dust, cut packs of lumber, strap the bundles of stakes and even carts to move the raw material around.  There is a list of lumber suppliers along with full production notes on the amount of wood each saw cut per day and the amount of board feet in a bundle of wood to allow you to calculate to the penny the cost of wood and labor.  

Ideal facility will need at least 1,500 square feet of warehouse, these were run in 5,000 sq ft facility to keep lumber and finished product out of the weather. Simple day labor can run the equipment, the most technical job would be your forklift driver that requires certification in most stakes to operate, other than that, one supervisor can oversee four workers and can process up to a full semi load of lumber in 5 days.  Stakes are a much needed item and one that is sold typically within a days drive of location.

Perfect for the booming Texas market, road work between California and Nevada, a survey supply facility in Ohio or for the natural gas industry in Pennsylvania.
Send me a private message and I can forward you info on equipment, we will load onto a flatbed semi and even assist in setup and sales for an additional fee.  Stop by your local stake supplier and take a look, its not that hard of a business to run, you need space and raw material, the customers will come.

Surveyors biggest expense a year is for supplies, not labor or instruments.

Building construction magazine

Posted by Tejaswi Sharma on Aug 11, 2017 12:57 am

Building and construction magazine industry is one of the fastest growing sectors not only in India construction but also throughout the globe. It serves as the backbone of our country`s economy and offers job opportunities to several Lakhs of people, although only next to agriculture.