Fraudulent Stamp & Forged Signature

Fraudulent Stamp & Forged Signature

Posted by Stephen P Dyer on Mar 22, 2018 12:46 pm

Good Afternoon
​My name is Steve Dyer. I currently hold registrations in MA, RI & CT, although I practice mainly in MA. I am a sole proprietor operating Fieldstone Survey Services.
I hope the subject line grabbed your attention, because this is real.
​About two years ago, it came to my attention that a former client (or people working under his direct supervision) who is a land surveyor in PA, had made a copy of my MA PLS stamp, affixed to an ALTA survey and forged my signature. I filed complaints in PA, MA, RI & CT and provided whatever I could to whomever I could to put a stop to this.
​Well, about a month ago, an attorney in Boston contacted me about updating an ALTA survey and provided a copy. This plan was also a forgery by the same firm. 
​I have reached out to the PA BOR, the PA Attorney General's office, Wells Fargo, & Chicago Title. I will be forwarding copies of the plans to the PA BOR to see if we can get some action to get this guys stamp removed.
Now, If I have seen two of these, there are very likely many more. They are plans of nursing homes and rehab facilities, not small sites, and they are BAD surveys, well below professional standards.
​We all know these plans are used inconjunction wioth multi-million dollar loans, many backed by HUD or federal monies and each plan contitutes a fraud on many parties.

​This guy went public when he made the decision to put a fraudulent stamp & signature on plans, so here goes:
These plans were produced through the office of Merlyn J. Jenkins & Associates, Inc. of Pottsville, PA.
​Merlyn holds PA PLS license #SU07784E according to the current state web site.
​I mentioned above that Merl was a former client. I had actually performed a couple of ALTA surveys for him in RI many years ago. On-the-ground survey, on my title block stamped & signed for his company.

​Now, if you see these forged plans ( I am happy to provide copies) they are clearly forgeries and I won't have any trouble proving that in court. The signatures....well, my wife does a better job.
The first forgery came to my attention shortly after Merlyn called me to say he was sending a package my way with six ALTA sites for me to 'review & stamp'.
​I thought this a bit odd, but the package did indeed arrive a few days later. Inside I found six prints of six sites. Some were in West Roxbury, Jasmacia Plain area of MA, some in RI.
​These were "finished surveys" ready to stamp & bill....? I got in my car & visited two of the sites. On the plans provided, it indicated a rebar set at every lot corner. 
​I found concrete and granite monuments that had not seen the light of day in many years, but no rebar, no traverse points.
​I checked a few of the building dimensions and found them off by up to four feet! Brick buildings dimensioned to the nearest tenth off by 4 feet. I had to get my cloth tape to check the Disto, thought something was wrong with it. I assume these plans are being generated thru Google Earth.
​I called Merlyn after that visit & told him never to darken my phone line agian, that he had the wrong impression of who & what I was. I reacll raising my voice quite loud during that call.

My hope on posting this here is that I can get a few more sets of eyes out there looking for these forgeries.
​Also, if anyone knows of a criminal attorney in PA willing to take on a case like this, I would be eager to speak with them
​I am also pretty sure that if he has done this to me, he can simply go thru the MA web site and grab another surveyors stamp number to use, maybe yours this time? I'm sure Merl has a lot of ALTA's to do across the country.

​Thanks for reading & letting me vent. Too easy to go on with life as usual after this happens to you.

Stephen P. Dyer, PLS

Re: Fraudulent Stamp & Forged Signature

Posted by Lakestom on Mar 28, 2018 1:49 pm

Start by contacting the BBB. They are showing no complaints about that business.

Re: Fraudulent Stamp & Forged Signature

Posted by Stephen P Dyer on Mar 30, 2018 1:30 pm

BBB complaint filed.
Thanks for that suggestion
​A member of this board reached out to inform me the Merlyn's PA license has recently been revoked (see attached), but that did not include any of the illegal activities he conducted in MA, only the ones he was caught for in MN, TN & RI. Taking away this guys PA stamp is somewhat non-effective, given his past actions have shown he doesn't need one and could care less.
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Posted by Richard Hardison on Apr 5, 2018 8:10 am

Since the man lost his license, a BBB complaint really means little. You do need to inform the boards of Registration in the jurisdictions in which you practice of your discovery and provide them with copies of the fradulent surveys. The boards could choose to make a criminal referral, or not. Just depends on how seriously they view the matter. But, the boards need to know there are surveys out there that you did not perform that are forgeries. If they don't know about the forgeries, you could find yourself the target of an action against you.