CBT irregularities on FS exam

CBT irregularities on FS exam

Posted by Kurt Wurm on Dec 4, 2015 10:16 am

I've received reports from students for the last year that  the Pierson group (the contractor that administers the computer based testing for NCEES, and many others) has been routinely clearing the memory of the approved calculators prior to admitting an examinee.   I've contacted NCEES and they have confirmed that this IS NOT a requirement for the FS or FE exam.

The solution provided by NCEES is to have any examinee (passing or not-passing) to return to their "my ncees" account and initiate a feedback message describing the issue.  Address these comments to attn:  Robert Whorton who is in charge of exam security.   NCEES will then make appropriate corrections.

I'm not picking on Pierson, they administer many exams for many disiplines... in some cases this is probably the appropriate course of action.  In the case of FE/FS exams, this must stop.

Re: CBT irregularities on FS exam

Posted by MLB on Dec 6, 2015 5:38 pm

It is difficult to believe we still have a "calculator controversy". Monitors have been disabling calculators for over thirty years. And the only result in the surveying community is shrinking numbers. If the examiners insist on an honest game from the examinees, they should play it that way as well.

There shouldn't be any surprises on exam day. It's stressful enough already. If memory clearing is required prior to the exam that information needs to be provided to the examinee along with the other materials. People keep all sorts of things in memory units in calculators. If they are going to lose it, they need advance notice, so they can simply bring a different calculator.

Some of us keep more stuff in our smart phones than our calculators. In fact we barely use calculators independently. 

NCEES is behind the curve, so to speak. If we want to keep a vibrant survey profession, the states need to take a more active role in the examination process. Clearing calculators is so Twentieth Century. There are better ways to test.

Re: CBT irregularities on FS exam

Posted by Layla Dale on Dec 26, 2018 6:40 am

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