Florida 100 Question Jurisdictional

Florida 100 Question Jurisdictional

Posted by KER on Aug 25, 2016 6:40 pm

Any advice for studying for this test.

Re: Florida 100 Question Jurisdictional

Posted by EvinaZe on Sep 12, 2016 3:14 pm

1-Go to the Florida PSM website Department of the Agriculture...
2- Download the Floida statutes, Chapter 177 FS, 472 FS, and 120FS, 
3- Download administrative code Chapter 5J-17
 This is from 5J-17.032 Content of Examination
Statute/Rule Area Tested Assigned Weight
Chapter 177, Part I, F.S. Platting  
Chapter 177, Part II, F.S.
Chapter 161, F.S.
Chapter 62B-33, F.A.C.
Coastal Mapping 30%
Chapter 177, Part III, F.S. Restoration of Corners  
Chapter 472, F.S. Land Surveying 15%
Chapter 718, F.S. Condominiums 5%
Chapter 95, F.S. Adverse Possession 5%
5J-17.001 to 5J-17.007, F.A.C. Organization & Purpose  
5J-17.010 to 5J-17.016, F.A.C. Grounds for Discipline  
5J-17.040 to 5J-17.047, F.A.C. Continuing Education 40%
5J-17.050 to 5J-17.052, F.A.C. Minimum Technical Standards  
5J-17.060 to 5J-17.062, F.A.C. Seals, Signatures andCertificates of Authorization  
5J-17.080 to 5J-17.085, F.A.C. Penalties  
Chapter 472, F.S., and Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services – General provisions 5%
Section 287.055, F.S. Consultants’ Competitive Negotiation Act  

Good Luck
Bertin Evina-Ze, PSM,CP
DAS, Tampa, FL