Problems with Health and Safety Executive Excel file

Problems with Health and Safety Executive Excel file

Posted by ricardo brooks on Aug 8, 2018 3:52 am


The British Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have produced a fatigue calculator for shift workers which was produce in MS Excel.Calc opens the file but the vast majority of formulai are missing and from within Calc it is unusable.A friend of mine with Excel has downloaded the file to his machine and using Excel has confirmed that the spreadsheet functions correctly within Excel.Would anyone be good enough to tell me what the problem is with this file and if there is anything I can do to get Calc to deal with it as intended?I did contact HSE about the problem and they say they the spreadsheet was produced using an older version of Excel and they are aware that it doesn't work with the newest version. They also say there are no plans to update the spreadsheet.I would appreciate any opinions you may have on this one.

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