Road Trip (Kinda, sorta)

Road Trip (Kinda, sorta)

Posted by MLB on Oct 6, 2010 5:34 pm

Road Trip Star Date 2010.3
I was going over my sample ballot for the November Election and checking all the “RWA” boxes so I don’t risk mis-marking my ballot on “Game Day”. After the coolest summer in San Diego since 1933 it suddenly was 113 degrees outside when my sister called and told me my elderly father had passed on.
I had already begun to organize some things for a trip to Washington, so my suitcase was nearly ready to go. A quick page change from RPLS to Priceline dot com and I was ready to head for the airport.
Soon we were eight miles high and the only sound above the whisper of the jet engines was the only screaming tot on the plane who just happened to be sitting right behind me. By the time I got to Phoenix he was still squawking.
It was fair, pleasant fall weather when I landed in Motown. I couldn’t understand why we circled for fifteen-minutes prior to landing. The pilot announced “There was construction on the ground”. I met a Federal Agent on the rental car shuttle bus who told me “It was really because “Obamuh was in the air space”.
The funeral details had all been pre-arranged. That is a wise thing to do when you are ninety-two. My daughter, the Colonel, flew in for the military service. It was small. When you live to be ninety-two, you don’t have a lot of friends and associates left.
I squeezed in a quick lunch with Kristi and then it was on to the Veterans Cemetery.

After we buried my father with dignity I left Great Lakes Cemetery and cruised through the emerging fall colors of Southern Michigan collecting my thoughts. Then I spent a little more quality time my oldest friend, Al. We met in Kindergarten 62 years ago. Not many friendships last that long. Al is a retired High School Principal and Economics teacher. He put all of his eggs in a certain P&R subject’s basket in 2008 and spent an hour or so detailing his remorse. Now that is some grief counseling I can recommend.
Then it was time to head home. Refueled the rental car at the BP station (to help fund the cleanup), dropped it off and hopped on the shuttle to the airport. I booked a dinner time flight home to liberate myself from the overpriced, rubber chicken box lunch the airlines proffer these days.
The first place I check out is “The Earl of Sandwich”. It’s actually owned by some dude named Earl. (Can you say “Duke, duke, duke, Duke of Earl”?) I opt for National Coney Island. In Detroit, “Coney Island” means a Greek place that serves hot dogs with Cincinati Chili.
While I nibble on my gyro I hear “Would Mohamed Atta please report to the Customer Service Desk at American Airlines?” on the PA. Shouldn’t that be the “Death to American Airlines “ desk?  At any rate I hope TSA is better than its predecessors. I have to admit after fifty or so years in the “Friendly Skies” my favorite part of the flight is still the landing.
I did a quick “Middle Eastern” type (racial profiling” scan of the passengers as I boarded. The only guy that fit the “terrorist” profile was in First Class. No worries. The planes were full on the trip east. Amazingly there were empty seats westbound. And by the way, no peanuts (unless you pay for them).
Had a brief stopover in Phoenix. Just enough time for a quick beer. The bartender asked me for my ID. I asked him if that was part of the new Arizona Law, in Spanish. The chick at the table across from me who was checking her nails laughed so hard when I said that she knocked her wine glass over. I got her another. It was worth it. Soon I was back in the air to San Diego. I was thinking it was three days short of the anniversary of my very first night time landing in San Diego, some forty-eight years ago. When I got on the ground it was raining. No drill instructor waiting for me this time, just my wife. She ordered me to hurry up and get my bags in the car.

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Posted by Sicilian Cowboy on Oct 7, 2010 9:27 am

"' Coney Island' means a Greek place that serves hot dogs with Cincinati Chili."

Heaven help us all.

Got a wedding coming up at the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham MI in April. Jewish kid from Scarsdale marrying an Indian woman.

No pigs in blankets there either......:-(

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Posted by Radar on Oct 7, 2010 9:50 am

Sorry to hear about your Dad.........

Are you still coming up to WA?


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Posted by MLB on Oct 7, 2010 10:46 am

Yeah- Dougster.I am just laundering the wardrobe from the Midwest and re-arranging the suitcase for the trip north. Should be there in about a week.

Ang- Check out the Greek Hot Dog place yourself. It's right in te airport. Birmingham is just a little northwest of Detroit and one of its many suburbs. As I recall, it had a significant Jewish population. If it's late April, you might be able to work in a trip to Comerica Park.

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Posted by Kristi Grahl on Oct 7, 2010 12:05 pm

What a great post, MLB. It was nice seeing you while you were in Michigan, despite the circumstances. 

Cowboy, drop me a line when you're in town in April. B'ham is just a hop skip and jump from me.

Kristi Grahl
POB Editor/ Community Manager

Re: Road Trip (Kinda, sorta)

Posted by Sicilian Cowboy on Oct 7, 2010 1:53 pm

I'll certainly try.....thanks.