A weekend in DC

A weekend in DC

Posted by Don Poole on Oct 19, 2010 12:18 pm

SWMBO, my 14 yr old daughter and I drove down to DC on Friday.  It's only 8 hours if you avoid the GW bridge and take the Tappanzee instead, if you go the "speed of traffic."
The occasion was my niece's wedding scheduled for 6pm on Sunday.   There was a family/rehearsal dinner on Friday night and we got there in plenty of time to attend the affair at Assagia in McLean.  
Since I had Saturday to myself while the "girl's" attended a wedding shower at Ann Hand's home in DC, I visited the Library of Congress, Jefferson Building, the  State Department Book Sale and strolled around the Mall a little bit.   While looking around I notice some scaffolding on top of the Dome.  I looked a little harder and saw a person actually working on top of the dome.

One of my brother in laws close friends is Gen. Jim Jones and it was an honor to meet him and his wife Diane.   Diane had some funny stories about Jim and Chuck!

 and here are all of us, My wife Dawn, My daughter, April, me, and my mother Jane...

Pictures of the Bride, Groom, and the rest of the festivities are not available quite yet...



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