Fall Road Trip

Fall Road Trip

Posted by MLB on Oct 28, 2010 5:21 pm

Road Trip Star Date 2010.3
Fall, and time to put the old MLB Traveling Salvation Show back on the road. It was my birthday and I got a special card in the mail, a jury summons. The guilty party will just have to wait for my return. It was cooler across the desert than last fall. But as I got up into the Sierra the fall colors had begun to emerge in the aspen at higher elevations. I stopped in Reno to visit with old pal Jay Goldfarb. He’s working at University of Nevada, Reno. The “Biggest Little City in The World” was quiet. Less activity downtown at night than I had ever seen. Must be the economy.
Day two was a cruise across the Oregon Desert where a friendly State Trooper informed me Oregon now has a hands free cell phone requirement. The weather was much more conducive to travel than last fall. The pass where I hit the “unseasonably” sudden snow squall last year was 59 degrees and sunny.

I enjoy listening to local radio in my travels. I usually get some good Liberal dirt in the Portland area. But this time I got a surprise. The talking heads were dissing Starbucks. They were bitching about the slow service when you get behind a woman who orders a “custom” drink like a “non fat decaf no foam Chai tea mocha”. Damn near crashed my car.
But soon Progressive Radio was exhorting its base to get out and vote to prevent “another Conservative disaster”. Wow! Good thing I had a brake job before I left home. Michael Savage took a different tack. He says the reason it’s safer to vote Republican is because the media keeps close scrutiny on them. On the other hand, they give the Democrats a pass on everything. Soon we cruised into an unusually sunny fall day in Washington. Not long thereafter I was having a brew or two with Radar discussing the state of affairs. Hobo Joes is long gone but the Hobo Scramble is alive and well at Mr. Doug’s Diner.

While I was visiting, Obamuh showed up to protect Democrats from the Tea Party. (Is this guy following me or what?) Sergeant Casement invited me to a local ACSM Chapter meeting where the subject was the state of business. Good to see a meeting with Surveyors and GIS. Our favorite Mountie was suffering from a spider bite reducing the number of ales consumed this trip. (See Photo, Slims Last Chance)

Then on to some wine tasting
My wife invited her relatives this time. The relatives from Scranton, PA, turns out one of my wife’s kin owns Joe Biden’s former residence. This is way too many Democrats for me in one week. They claim the Bidens are notorious alcoholics. I pondered that over an Alaska Pale Ale or two.

Couldn’t dally in the Northwest this year. I needed to get back in time to vote. But the weather did what it could to delay me to the ballot box. To make up for the pleasant fall weather on the trip up, it was wet and dreary when I left. And it only improved off and on all the way across Oregon. With the windshield wipers slappin’ time I continued southbound. It was “Snowbirds” and trucks most of the way.

October 2010 rivaled my days as a “Road Dog”. I was on the road most of the month. The traffic jams in L.A. signaled I was close to the “Home 20”. Some things never change, elections notwithstanding. (Pic is Mt. Shasta)