Alaska PLS interested in Florida work

Alaska PLS interested in Florida work

Posted by akpls on Feb 27, 2012 2:26 pm

Alaska Licensed Land Surveyor looking for work in Florida on project basis. 
One – two month window of availability during January – April of every year, depending on project.
College degree Land Surveying on east coast, have worked in several east coast states including two years in south Florida. Twenty Five years surveying in Alaska, Twelve years successful Land Surveying business in Alaska. Interested in large boundary (cadastral and or riparian), hydrographic, topographic, construction.
Have been a snow bird from Alaska for last 15 years and would like to develop work relationship for winters in Florida. I can offer professional service or product for your projects as a temporary employee with my equipment or yours, and could offer opportunity to assist with Alaska projects if interested.
Please contact me first through email and I will send my company info so you can look at experience level.
Thanks for the consideration 

Re: Alaska PLS interested in Florida work

Posted by akpls on Mar 1, 2012 6:19 pm

I will be in Florida in March for interviews.
Alaska Surveyor